Build a Seesaw
With Our Traditional, Full-Size Seesaw Kits!

SEESAWS: A Unique Addition To Your Backyard Playground!

Fun For Kids! Fun For Adults!

Give the kids something they will enjoy for years to come!

Full-size (14 foot long) - Traditional Style

Supports Up to 4 Riders at a Time (Max 250 lbs on each side)

Multiple Seating Positions Makes It Easy to Balance Riders of Different Weights

Fast, easy & fun to assemble

Heavy Duty Construction

Galvanized Steel Frame

Board may be left natural colored or have the kids help you stain/paint it any color you wish (be creative!)

The Kids Will Have a Blast!

All 4 Riders Have a Handle To Hold Onto

Buy Your Seesaw Kit Here:

BASIC Seesaw Kit Includes:

Complete Plans & Parts List

4 Handles w/Mounting Hardware

Pivot Point Hardware

The BASIC kit requires you to purchase various parts from your local hardware (avg. cost $75).
In addition, you must special-order a board
(4 x 10 x 14', Avg. cost $52)


PRICE: $54.95

DELUXE Seesaw Kit Includes:

EVERYTHING You Need Except the Board!
(Entire frame, handles and all hardware)
(Board Required: 4 x 10 x 14'L, Avg. Cost $52)

Easy Instructions

PRICE: $169.00

Quantity In Stock: 4
Ready To Ship!
Limited Quantity Remaining!



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I buy the board?

The 4x10x14' board is a special-order item at most lumber yards & may take 5-7 days to arrive.  As of Jan 2011, the best prices we have found were:
Home Depot (Arizona): $36.00 for #2 Smooth Doug Fir (actual dimensions 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 14')
Ace Hardware (Arizona): $48.50 for same item
Always check local pricing at several lumber yards before ordering.  Note that #1 rough cut w/full 4"x10" dimensions is more expensive.  Doug Fir is recommended because it is less expensive and also the strongest.  Other wood species may be used but may cost more and reduce the specified weight carrying capacity. Before purchasing a board, always inspect it carefully for defects such as a large crack or knot near the center that could affect its weight bearing capacity.

How long will my kit take to arrive?

All kits are shipped from Scottsdale, AZ (85255) within 2 business days.  Basic kits are shipped US Priority Mail and Deluxe kits are shipped by UPS ground.  Please check with these carriers to determine estimated delivery time to your zip code.  Due to the heavy weight of our kits, we do NOT offer expedited shipping.


How do I purchase replacement parts for my seesaw?

Click HERE  to order replacement parts


I have a different type of seesaw that needs repair.  Can I use your kit to repair it?

No - Our parts are not compatible with any other seesaws.  Our kits are only intended to be used for construction of a brand new seesaw in accordance with the plans provided.

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